Developing the Campus

God has provided a permanent Likewise Campus in South Bend, Indiana where we can make disciples by living life together, studying the life of Christ, and releasing disciple-makers back into the world with customized ministry plans.

For the past eighteen months, our guests have been staying in one of two places: in the Likewise Ministry guest suite, within the Chase family home, and in the "overflow" housing RV behind the main home.

From here we provide Ministry Coaching both in person and online. For those who want more focused time of training, we invite them to stay in this guest space for a weekend, a week, or sometimes longer. While here, they work alongside us--studying the life of Christ, learning His daily rhythms and priorities, and adopting them as our own as we develop disciple-making strategy that fits their everyday life back home.

Next year, our plan is to more than double the space we have to offer our guests, by building a carriage house with two second-story apartments above a new garage. This will be available year-round, exclusively to our ministry guests. The estimated cost of this build is $350,000, with a ongoing increase $1200 per month for taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. To give to this project, click on the orange button below.

Thank you for your support! Please check the home page regularly to see the progress!



When Donnie got the vision in 2008 for what would eventually be LIKEWISE, it involved a PLACE. The place would be where our family lived. Where people can come to deep dive into a study of the Life of Christ. They would live alongside us for a time, working, studying, sharing meals, while they learned how to apply the disciple-making strategy of Jesus to modern life. Then they would leave with a customized plan for disciple-making in their own context. 

We believe that God gave us the vision for this place, and in July 2022, He provided the place! Likewise Ministry has now been established in South Bend, Indiana. 

It was clear that the Lord led us here, as it has the distinctives that we prayed for specifically:

  • within 1.5 hours of an international airport. Likewise is 7 minutes from South Bend Airport (SOB) and 1.5 hours from Chicago airports.
  • within a local community to serve. We are still uncovering all the opportunities to serve in this community. From meeting and caring for our close neighbors, to mentoring teens in the city.
  • room for hospitality. God has provided space for immediate use in our home. We invite disciple-makers to stay in the Likewise Ministry suite, spend time learning Jesus' model, and create a customized plan for making disciples back home. 
God is a faithful provider!!

We are still praying for the following:

  • Permanent housing for full-time ministry staff
  • Housing for more visitors (see carriage house plans above!)

God prepared this place for Likewise Ministry and we are thankful for your participation in praying for it. 

 We prayed that we would know it when we saw it, and we did!