When Donnie got the vision in 2008 for what would eventually be LIKEWISE, it involved a PLACE. The place would be where our family lived. Where people can come to deep dive into a study of the Life of Christ. They would live alongside us for a time, working, studying, sharing meals, while they learned how to apply the disciple-making strategy of Jesus to modern life. Then they would leave with a customized plan for disciple-making in their own context. 

We believe that God gave us the vision for this place, so we are now praying that He show us where it is and give it to us.

We are currently looking for a place with the following distinctions: 

  • within 1.5 hours of an international airport
  • within a local community to serve
  • room for hospitality

We will need access to the following:

  • Permanent housing for full-time ministry staff
  • Housing for visitors (motel units, apartments, cabins, or tiny houses)
  • Conference Center or meeting space
  • Shared space with kitchen, dining space, and offices

We believe that God has already prepared this place for Likewise Ministry. We believe we are getting closer to finding it every day.

 Please pray that we would know it when we see it!

Our Campus is coming! 

Please pray with us!