We are amazed at the goodness of the Lord. Through the many trials of 2020--physical, emotional, and spiritual--God remained faithful to His purpose. We spent January in prayer, asking the Lord to guide the next step of Likewise--into the launch of Ministry Coaching, and to bring us a permanent location for our ministry to reside. He is so GOOD, y'all!! He provided so many ministry partners, that we are now 99% funded for phase 2, and are preparing to build our campus fund in anticipation for his provision of that next. Thank you for every prayer spoken over us through this processes, especially when Donnie was in the hospital fighting covid. You are crucial to the Likewise team. 


We're halfway there! About a week ago we officially passed the halfway point of phase 2 of our support-raising process. THANK YOU!

Thank you for praying. We're halfway there, but there are many challenges still ahead of us.

Keep praying that God would add to our support team. Keep praying that He would lead us to our permanent PLACE for building the campus.

We are so excited to see God work and show up daily to remind us of the task ahead of us. This isn't Donnie and Anna's ministry--it's His.


Donnie's last day as Pastor of Student Ministries. What a bittersweet day. We are so blessed to have been part of the Family of Faith Bible Church, and Franklin Road Baptist Church before that. It was an honor to serve alongside you. And we look forward to seeing what God has planned for these precious relationships going forward!


We are overwhelmed. This morning our Launch Fund was at 78% and now it is almost complete. Since the beginning, we have sensed that God wanted to teach us something about the limitlessness of His resources. This is an enormous burden lifted, and yet we are getting the feeling that He hasn't even started to roll up his sleeves yet! We want to see more, Lord. We trust you.


We have been praying for weeks about telling the youth group, college group and ministry teams that we are leaving for the mission field. So far the response has been, "We are sad that you're leaving, but so excited to see what God has for you." We couldn't ask for a more loving, Christ-following bunch of students. We have begun the grieving process, but can feel so much of God's love flowing from these people who we've invested in for the last 11 years!


We are overwhelmed with gratitude from the outpouring of support that we've received any time we share the vision of Likewise Ministry. At this point the website is 90% complete, and we should be ready to share it within a day or two. God continues to show us that "next step" to take toward the vision he gave Donnie in 2008.